SR Hughes Launches Their New Website


picture-3visit to see their newly designed site featuring Cassina, Knoll, Artemide and ecosmart fire to name a few of the beautiful furniture, lighting, rugs and gift lines that they carry.

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6 Responses to “SR Hughes Launches Their New Website”

  1. Jackz Says:

    Isaac Berg did a wonderful job with these Bocci lights. Isaac Berg and Bocci….like.

    • brianhughes Says:

      Thanks Jackz! I have to admit, I don’t know the connection to Isaac Berg, but I can tell you we love Bocci also! The new 28 series is really beautiful and allows customization using color. We’re excited to be showing a fresh crop of Bocci lights in our showroom for January 2012. Stay tuned and we’ll share photos on the blog!

      • Light Guru Says:

        Isaac Berg is partners with Randy Bishop. They started Little i which is famous for patented functional container designs..Isaac Berg is the inventor on that side of is all near Vancouver and Bocci and Omer Arbel are somehow tied in to what Berg and/or Bishop are doing.

      • brianhughes Says:

        Wow! Ain’t the internet grand? Appreciate you helping to connect the threads!

    • Randy Says:

      He sure did! Isaac Berg is an amazing designer.


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